An all-in-one Social Media Platform Built for the Automotive Sector

See how UK automotive organisations use CrowdControlHQ to engage customers on social media, improve the customer experience and ensure compliance with FCA guidelines.

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Six Key Benefits & Capabilities

Maintain all social media marketing and customer care activity across multiple accounts and locations, with local content creation and delivery.
Listen to social media conversations and chatter to identify potential new sales leads and engagement opportunities.
Efficiently handle customer enquiries, complaints and mystery shopping activity via automation, notifications and workflow tools.
Turn social media metrics and analytics into real insights. Act on opportunities (and challenges) quickly.
Collaborate across multiple teams and locations to plan, create and run outbound marketing communications and handle inbound customer care enquiries.
Manage the risks of social media and protect your brand reputation with secure user logins, sign-off rules, compliance and crisis tools.

Three Key Platform Features

Publishing & Scheduling

Our social media publishing and scheduling tools can be accessed online and via the mobile app, giving organisations the power to plan and deliver social content via a single platform.


Deliver campaigns, shape great content and promote the best practice. Focus your time and effort where it matters most – on speaking to and engaging with prospects and customers.


By listening to conversations across social media, brands can identify engagement opportunities, monitor competitor updates and quickly identify customer service issues.

“We needed a system to manage all of our social media accounts across the large number of dealers that we operate across the UK. It was important for us to monitor and view customer enquiries on social media from one single, central place. We also wanted to be able to plan and schedule sales campaigns centrally, with dealerships then managing them on a local basis.”

Head of DigitalRRG Group

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