Customer case studies

The UK’s best-known brands and organisations choose CrowdControlHQ for enterprise social media management.

North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council expands social media use across multiple departments to improve engagement and customer service.

Greenwood Academies Trust 

Greenwood Academies Trust manage the risks of large-scale social media use to increase engagement with parents.

The Hyde Group 

The Hyde Group enhance customer experience with effective use of social media.


“The success of the @nlcwinter Twitter account showed us the real advantages of social media engagement, and the next step was to start using social media across the entire organization. As more people were asking us questions on Twitter, we started to realise this was a job that had to go beyond the Comms team.”

Head of Corporate Communications & MarketingMarketing, North Lanarkshire Council

“CrowdControlHQ takes away all the stress associated with managing multiple social media accounts, and the risks of losing accounts when staff members leave and take the login details with them. It also opens up the potential for many more staff members to safely get on-board and engage in social media.”

Media & Communications ManagerGreenwood Academies Trust

“We are looking to continuously improve the customer experience and make it as effortless as possible this means embracing digital media and encouraging a two-way dialogue with our residents – social media is the perfect platform to do this.”

Digital & Social Media ManagerThe Hyde Group
Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service utilise social media to distribute urgent information.

Wiltshire Police 

Wiltshire Police successfully manage social media to provide immediate response.

Serco Leisure 

Serco Leisure maximises social media marketing using CrowdControlHQ.


“Social Media is a great way to communicate with the public. If we want to get something out urgently, or if there is a major incident like a traffic collision or road closure, we can send out an alert to subscribers by text message or email and post it on Twitter and Facebook. It is used for two-way communication and is so much easier than going to the website or people calling in by phone for updates. It speeds up communication.”

Digital and Media Services ManagerCheshire Fire & Rescue Service

“As we have a huge amount of activity on the Force’s social media accounts, CrowdControlHQ means that our department can maintain an overview and assess the risk, manage the problems and respond where necessary to ensure the public are getting a quality service from Wiltshire Police. It has made monitoring all of our social media accounts simpler and less time consuming.”

Head of MediaWiltshire Police

“CrowdControlHQ beat the competition hands down. The company offered innovative technology wrapped up in one, easy to use package, add to this the superior security features and industry know-how and we had found a winning formula.”

Digital Media ManagerSerco Leisure

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