Emergency Services

A Complete Social Media Management Platform for Emergency Services

See how UK police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services use social media to engage and inform the the public whilst managing the risks of social.

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Six Key Benefits & Capabilities

Maintain a central bird’s eye view of all social activity, while providing local community teams the autonomy to update their own social media profiles.
Listen to social media conversations and monitor chatter around possible events or sensitive topics as they happen.
Handle emergency situations by posting alerts across multiple social media networks, and collaborate effectively to provide a fast and accurate response.
Instantly respond to the public reports of crimes and accidents by assigning inbound messages to the most relevant team member.
Deliver a consistent experience on social media across all teams, departments or locations with automated workflows and compliance checks in place.
Cut the risk of employee error and protect your reputation with individual secure logins, content validation and customisable user permissions.

Three Key Platform Features


Deliver campaigns, shape great content and promote the best practice. Focus your time and effort where it matters most – on speaking to and engaging with prospects and customers.


By listening to conversations across social media, brands can identify engagement opportunities, monitor competitor updates and quickly identify customer service issues

Brand Reputation

Keep control of what people are saying about your brand 24/7, and ensure consistent on-brand communications and customer service experiences.

“As we have a huge amount of activity on the force’s social media accounts, CrowdControlHQ means that our department can maintain an overview and assess the risk, manage the problems and respond where necessary to ensure the public are getting a quality service from Wiltshire Police. It has made monitoring all of our social media accounts simpler and less time consuming.”

Head of MediaWiltshire Police

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