A Scalable Social Media Platform Built for Multi-Site Retailers

See how UK multi-site retailers use CrowdControlHQ to drive footfall, build brand loyalty and deliver exceptional customer care, whilst managing the risks of social media.

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Six Key Benefits & Capabilities

Maintain central control of social media, while providing local teams the autonomy to update their own social media profiles and respond to customers.
Listen to social media conversations for brand or product mentions, respond easily and delight customers and prospects.
Handle inbound customer enquiries or complaints effectively as a team, and collaborate to provide fast and accurate responses.
Turn social media metrics and analytics into real insights. Act on opportunities (and challenges) quickly.
Deliver a consistent brand experience across social media accounts and channels with content validation, moderation and compliance checks in place.
Manage the risks of social media and protect your reputation with individual secure logins, content validation and customisable user permissions.

Three Key Platform Features

Publishing & Scheduling

Our social media publishing and scheduling tools can be accessed online and via the mobile app, giving organisations the power to plan and deliver social content via a single platform.


Deliver campaigns, shape great content and promote the best practice. Focus your time and effort where it matters most – on speaking to and engaging with prospects and customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Powerful analytics provide comprehensive insight to improve your social media performance across networks, giving you all the metrics you need to drive success.

“When I first took the role of Head of Social Media I inherited a large volume of local social media accounts. This was impossible to manage centrally and the standards across the UK for social media delivery were extremely mixed. Through the adoption of CrowdControlHQ and their flexible e-learning suite we were able to quickly deploy the software and ensure that every one of our stores understood the overall strategy, how content can be tailored for local delivery as well as organisation-wide best practice.”

Head of Social MediaNationwide Retailer

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